Monday, November 21, 2011

Lombard Joins In 'Small Business Saturday' Crusade

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Posted on: November 21, 2011

Lombard Joins In 'Small Business Saturday' Crusade

The holiday shopping season has begun and Lombard Village President, William Mueller encourages residents to shop big and small this year.

Mueller’s catchphrase “Shop Lombard” is encouraged to Lombard residents and visitors all year long but this holiday season he joins in the second annual “Small Business Saturday” campaign on November 26 to support local independent businesses in our community. The campaign is initiated by American Express to steer dollars toward local merchants and recognize their unique place in the community. It is being supported by towns and cities nationwide.

“Traditionally, the weekend post-Thanksgiving holiday between ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ is the two busiest shopping days of the holiday season,” said Mueller. “We want to remind shoppers not to overlook the smaller businesses in town when shopping for holiday gifts. By supporting these shops, we are recognizing their valuable contribution to our community,” added Mueller.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lombard Chamber of Commerce Not in Favor of Unified Alarm Monitoring

The Lombard Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board of Directors are happy to hear that the Village of Lombard and Lombard Fire Department had recently pulled a consultant’s presentation for the radio alarm network off of the November 17 Village Board meeting agenda. We are of the hope that the Lombard Fire Department would take a second look, and decide against providing fire alarm monitoring in the future.

Upon receiving the same information that area businesses have received, we feel strongly that the Village of Lombard and the Lombard Fire Department should not be in competition with businesses by making Fire Alarm Monitoring a city service. We also believe that local businesses in the Village of Lombard would be adversely affected by any further decision to proceed. For years Lombard has allowed and encouraged private companies to compete for alarm monitoring services. The Chamber Board of Directors believes that consumers benefit from the competition in pricing, as competition helps keep pricing low. A decision to allow the Lombard Fire Department to take over the fire alarm monitoring would take revenue away from private business, as well as increase costs to the consumer. We also feel that the bidding process for the installation of any future system would create a monopoly contract which would, in turn, limit the availability of businesses to select the alarm company of their own choosing, as well as put many of the other fire alarm companies out of business.

Our Mission Statement declares that the “Lombard Chamber of Commerce is committed to promote the positive development of our community and industries and to enhance the business climate for its members and to stimulate economic growth; to encourage retail, professional service, industrial, cultural and civic growth within the Lombard area.”

It is for this reason that the Lombard Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, request that the Village of Lombard and the Lombard Fire Department continue to allow businesses to compete so that consumers receive the best service for the best price. We also ask that The Lombard Fire Department feel no obligation to look at any newer technology, as local area fire alarm companies can, and will, continue to provide the installation and monitoring of fire alarms for our community. If the Lombard Fire Department continues to research the fire alarm monitoring plan, The Lombard Chamber of Commerce will not be supportive of this plan in any way.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What your business card doesn't say

Nick Keseric (our Sept. lunch speaker)
The Business Ledger

In some parts of the world when the business card is handed out as well as when being received, there is a great deal of honor and reverence. If you ever had the opportunity to do business in some of the Asian markets, you would witness the etiquette along with the protocol when exchanging business cards. Then I think back to some of my own past actions when handing out business cards and the difficulty it would be to differentiate myself shuffling out my business cards or a Las Vegas card dealer (read more)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Advantage Illinois Program to Support Small and Start-up Businesses

CHICAGO – October 5, 2011. Governor Pat Quinn today launched the Advantage Illinois program that is designed to provide Illinois businesses and entrepreneurs with access to the capital they need to start new companies and expand existing business. Advantage Illinois will leverage $78 million in federal funding that will allow businesses to bring innovative ideas and new products to market and accelerate job creation and economic growth in Illinois.
"Advantage Illinois will help Illinois businesses of all sizes increase innovation and competition, and expand and create good-paying jobs," Governor Quinn said. "In order to boost our economy, create jobs and compete in the global marketplace, we must provide businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow."
The Advantage Illinois program is comprised of (read more)

Chambers find they're more relevant in a down economy

By Erik Martin

Contributing Writer
The Business Ledger

Businesses aren’t the only entities that feel the pinch during an economic downturn. The federations that help promote those businesses — better known as chambers of commerce — also experience pressure when things turn sour.

But by staying attuned to the needs of members, trimming the fat, and beefing up the perceived value of belonging, chambers can survive and thrive in any economic climate, experts say.

Case in point: The Illinois Chamber of Commerce, which represents 385 of all local chambers across the state and has approximately 3,000 business members. (read more)

Monday, September 12, 2011

A new lease for suburban retail?

JOE LEWNARD/jlewnard@dailyherald.comMichael Ryan, general manager of hhgregg, Schaumburg.
Michael Ryan, general manager of hhgregg, Schaumburg.

Low rents, prime locations bring new tenants to empty shopping centers

By:John T.Slania
Contributing Writer
The Business Ledger

Is the shopping center half full or half empty?
That is the debate playing out across the Chicago suburbs as long vacant strip malls begin to fill in with new retail tenants.
Retailers are taking advantage of historically low lease rates and available prime locations to move into storefronts vacant since the recession began decimating the retail market in 2008.
Among the retailers and restaurants making a major investment in the suburbs include (read more)